How to convert leads into sales in six steps

There’s a reason we chase leads. After all the nice things about changing the world are said and done, entrepreneurs want to convert leads into sales.

Today I’m letting you take a peek behind the scenes. I’m going to share with you a number of tactics I use to generate leads and make sales.

Before we start, I want to remind you consistency is key. This is something I’ve struggled with on occasion.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your plan is. If there’s no consistency, you’ll be running around in circles without making sales.

Email marketing

It doesn’t matter if your list only has 1000, 200, or only 5 people. If you want to convert those leads into sales, you need to consistently send out your emails.

Don’t fall into the trap so many marketers fall into – only sending promotions.

Your list is like a living organism with its own heart. It needs more than just promos to grow. It needs lifestyle content, tips, and tricks from your niche.

Don’t get me wrong. Promoting yourself is a good thing. You definitely need to send content that promotes your offer. But you need to break it up with useful information.

Creating regular content

Remember what I said earlier about consistency?

You need to produce content on a regular basis. This content needs to be in the right place at the right time.

Let’s say your ideal client is on Instagram. What are you looking for on Twitter? You should be marketing on Instagram.

My ideal clients are on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. That’s where I spend my time. Even though I like watching TikTok videos, my clients are not there, so I don’t market on the platform.

New shiny social media platforms are rolled out every year. I’m not going to spend my time promoting there because I know where my audience is. And those are the areas I’m going to dedicate my efforts towards.


Covid-19 has changed how we network. I no longer go to conferences or speak from stages. I’m not doing in-person interviews.

Everything is happening online. And there’s no reason we can’t network online. Facebook groups and Clubhouse are perfect networking opportunities.

Speak on podcasts and guest blogs. Do what you can to get yourself in front of potential clients and people who can refer you.

Tip: Don’t spend so much time on networking, you neglect content creation. At the end of the day, your content is key in helping you convert leads into sales.

Success stories

Use success stories and experiences of your former/existing clients to attract new leads.

If you’re new and don’t have clients yet, there are still a couple of things you can do. You can offer a sample of your services. Offer beta coaching sessions and courses.

If you already have clients, great. Reach out to some of them to provide their success stories.

The important thing is getting people who can testify about your work. This inspires confidence in potential clients, who are more comfortable working with someone who has successfully helped others.

Success stories are social proof that lend your business legitimacy.


People don’t like engaging with a one-dimensional box.

If you want to make a connection with clients, they need to feel like they’re talking to a person.

I know sounding business-like is very tempting, especially for new entrepreneurs and sole traders. But trust me, you want to sound more casual.

Don’t ask people to contact you using an email address like,,, or any number of email combinations that sound impersonal.


This is closely related to the previous point. However, this is more about how easy it is to reach you.

Give people ways of contacting you. Let them know if they should email you, send you a DM, or book a call on your website.

It goes without saying, but be responsive. If someone sends you an email or a DM, get back to them.

Respond in the way that suits your business best.

I get emails from people asking for my website or services page all the time. I tell them where to find my website. I also tell them, especially if they’re coaching clients, it’s better if we actually have a short meeting to see if we are a match.

Stay focused

Stay focused. Do you know what your end goal is? Do you know what your plan is?

If you don’t have an end goal, it’s where you want to be in the next three to twelve months. The plan is how you’re going to get there.

 Figure out the end goal, figure out the plan, stay focused and stay on it.

 That’s the key to my success. It’s what keeps me moving forward. 

It’s what makes me able to plan a summit, a challenge, a giveaway, classes, and more at the same time. I have a plan and a goal, and I stick to it.

Six do’s to help you convert leads into sales

Don’t let all the work you’ve put into lead generation go to waste. Here is a summary of techniques you can use to convert your leads into sales:

  • Work on your email marketing.
  • Create content on a regular basis.
  • Never stop networking.
  • Make use of testimonials and success stories.
  • Be approachable.
  • Stay focused.

I’ve been helping businesses host summits and build lists for over eight years. I’m always happy to discuss your project. Book a free call with me today.


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