Craft a Consistent Lead-Generation and Conversion Strategy to Significantly Boost Sales

Imagine transforming your business with a lead generation system that’s not only effective but also sustainable and repeatable. Gone are the days of outdated, resource-draining tactics. Welcome to a new era where your lead-gen efforts bring in a consistent stream of high-quality leads, effortlessly filling your funnels and boosting offer enrollments.

With my coaching and courses, you’ll discover the secret to building a lead generation and launch system that works for you, not against you. It’s time to break free from the cycle of overwhelming, underperforming strategies and step into a world of strategic, results-driven growth.

Transform Your Business with
Signature Event Creation

If you’re dreaming of hosting an event that’s not just a gathering but a pivotal moment for your business, you’re in the right place. With my Signature Event Creation service, I bring to the table the expertise of producing over 375 successful events, both online and offline. This isn’t just about putting together an event; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with your audience and amplifies your message.

Let’s talk numbers, because we all know that’s where the magic happens. Did you know that a well-executed event can be the quickest way to 10x your lead generation? Yes, you heard that right! My approach isn’t just about the logistics; it’s about strategically designing your event to attract, engage, and convert your ideal clients.

Are you ready to make some serious waves with your next event?

I can’t wait to help you bring your vision to life and watch as it unfolds into something incredible.

Click below to book a call with me, and let’s start plotting out your roadmap to an unforgettable event that’s as unique as your brand.

Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential with Strategic Marketing Mastery Coaching

Welcome to a world where every aspect of your marketing aligns seamlessly with your ambitious goals. I’m here to guide you through a transformative journey with my Strategic Marketing Mastery Coaching. This program is specifically designed for established entrepreneurs ready to elevate their business to new heights of success.

You’ve worked hard to build your business; now, let’s fine-tune your strategies to ensure every channel is perfectly aligned. From tightening up your lead generation system to refining your social media plans, we’ll cover every detail.”

Imagine having a robust, leak-proof lead gen system that consistently delivers high-quality leads. With my coaching, you’ll discover the art of effective list building, master email marketing, and create social media plans that resonate with your audience. We’ll focus on strategic niching to position your brand as the undeniable choice in your market.

This is about transforming your business with actionable, metric-driven strategies that not only meet but surpass your goals.

You're not just another entrepreneur; you're a visionary with big aspirations. You deserve a marketing strategy that's as ambitious and driven as you are. Let's work together to turn your vision of a high 6 or 7-figure income into reality.

Comprehensive Audit and Review:
Assessing your current strategies to identify areas for improvement.

Tailored List Building Events:
Crafting events that grow your list and engage your audience.

Effective Email Marketing:
Developing strategies for impactful communication with your list.

Targeted Niching Strategies:
Honing in on your ideal market for maximum impact.

Optimized Social Media Plans:
Creating content strategies that increase engagement and leads.

Lead Generation System Refinement:
Fixing leaks and streamlining your lead gen process..

Hey, I’m Jennie,

If you’re on the lookout for a marketing strategist who’s not just talked the talk but has walked the walk alongside hundreds of entrepreneurs, you’re in the right place. I come to you with a solid track record of crafting and executing strategies that drive real business growth. From intricate lead generation to sophisticated list building, my expertise is more than just a set of skills – it’s a proven recipe for success. Every strategy I share is a piece of my commitment to turning your business aspirations into tangible achievements.

Understanding the unique journey of scaling a business to six or seven figures is my forte. My experience is far from just theoretical; it’s a rich tapestry of stories of hundreds of entrepreneurs, just like you, who have soared to new heights in their business ventures. With each client, I bring not only my expertise but also a deep understanding of your individual needs, ensuring our journey together is both personalized and impactful.

Are you ready to be the next success story? Let’s turn your business goals into your business reality. I’m here, committed to guiding you every step of the way. Book a call with me, and let’s start crafting a strategy that propels you towards the success you’ve been dreaming of.

Ready to elevate your marketing strategy and achieve your business goals? Book a call with me and let’s embark on this journey together. Your path to strategic marketing mastery starts now.


Q: Who is this coaching program for?

A: This program is ideal for established entrepreneurs with a multi-six-figure business or higher, who are not afraid of hard work to achieve big goals.


Q: What makes this coaching different?

A: Unlike generic programs, this coaching is intensely focused on metrics, lead gen, and strategic marketing tailored to your unique business, ensuring all channels are optimized for maximum impact.


Q: How hands-on is the coaching process?

A: This is a collaborative, hands-on coaching experience. You’ll have direct access to personalized advice, strategic planning sessions, and continuous support throughout your journey.


Q: Can this coaching help if I’m struggling with my current marketing strategy?

A: Absolutely. Part of the coaching involves a thorough audit and strategic revamp to address and fix the weak points in your existing marketing strategy, ensuring it aligns with your business goals.

The Summits Made Simple Speaker Attraction Bundle takes the hassle and stress out of having quality speakers apply to your summit. With speaker page template, form and in depth training, you’ll have everything you need to start your speaker search process. 

What’s In it: 

  • Find, Connect & Book Quality Speakers Video Training (I’ll lay out the exact plan I teach my clients to instantly increase the chances of booking high-performing speakers who deliver the goods AND promote for you!) $47 Value
  • Call for Speakers landing page template & Training (Get the exact template I give my high-earning clients that helps their summit stand out from the crowd!) Value $67
  • Customizable “Call for Speaker” Social Media Canva Templates (These are my tested and true speaker attraction posts taken from my very own high-quality summits for you to customize and use! $97 Value
  • Speaker Attraction Post Templates (Easily customizable social post copy template that makes your summit super attractive to the best speakers) $97 Value

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The Summits Made Simple Promo Plan Bundle takes the guesswork out of when and what you should promote to get the most out of your online summit.

With templates and video instruction, you’ll have the tools you need as the host to plan out and promote your summit, increase registrations rates and reduce stress!

What’s In it: 

  • The Summits Made Simple Master Promotional Planner (An easy to navigate  customizable planner with plug and play promo topic ideas for email and social.) $25 Value
  • ​73 Customizable Social Media Promo Canva Templates (These are proven promotional images plucked right from my very own high-converting summits and some from my clients for you to customize and use!) $97 Value
  • Beat the Numbers Video Training  (I’ll show you how you can instantly improve your chances of having a high conversion event!) $25 Value

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Comprehensive Marketing Audit

Are you looking to refine your marketing strategies and elevate your brand’s presence? I’m thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to undergo a comprehensive marketing audit that will pinpoint the exact areas your business needs to enhance for optimal growth and engagement.

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A personalized marketing audit
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Unlock the Power of Online Public Speaking with Guest Speaker Advantage!

Guest Speaker Advantage is your ultimate guide to using online public speaking to supercharge your business growth and expand your influence.

In this course, I’m here to show you:

  • Choosing the Right Online Speaking Opportunities for Your Business
  • Finding Easy-to-Get Speaking Gigs and the Tools to Help You
  • Boosting Your Chances of Being Selected for Online Speaking Events
  • Crafting the Perfect Talk for Your Online Speaking Engagements
  • Maximizing Your Online Speaking Gigs: Strategies to Succeed
  • Turning Your Online Gigs into Paid In-Person and Future Online Opportunities
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Online Speaking Career
  • Controlling Your Virtual Stage: The Power of a Great Pitch
  • The Benefits of Owning Your Stage and When It Makes Sense for You
  • Avoiding Potential Pitfalls in Your Online Speaking Journey
  • Taking the Next Steps to Elevate Your Online Speaking Game

We’re diving deep into what event hosts and organizers seek when reaching out to speakers and providing you with simple yet effective hacks to get noticed. Plus, I’m sharing some of my personal resources that have consistently helped me secure between 20-50 online speaking gigs annually.

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Are you ready to take your lead generation and launching strategies to the next level?

Whether you’re seeking one-on-one coaching or in-depth courses, your journey to business transformation begins with this step.

Schedule a call to explore how my tailored services can meet your unique needs, or jump right into the courses designed to revolutionize your approach to online marketing. Don’t miss another day with strategies that don’t serve you – the success you’ve been aiming for is just around the corner.