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Hey there! I’m Jennie Wright, and I’m on a mission to light up stages – virtual or otherwise – with powerful, actionable insights that transform audiences. With a sprinkle of real-life stories and a dash of humour, I deliver talks that resonate deeply and inspire action. 

If you’re looking to infuse your event with energy, expertise, and a fresh perspective that sticks with your audience long after the applause, you’re in the right place. 

Let’s create an unforgettable experience together!

Signature Speaking Topics

The Introvert's Guide To Getting Leads

How to Grow Your Email List withOUT Burning Out Your Energy

  • The overlooked advantage introverts have that can be the linchpin in cultivating a virtual community that not only connects but also converts.
  • Why introverts naturally excel in lead generation and customer retention, and how to harness these innate abilities to achieve remarkable results.
  • A straightforward strategy that amplifies introverts’ unique qualities, transforming them into marketing mavens who can build their list effortlessly.
  • How introverts can leverage the power of virtual events to showcase their strengths and grow their email list without draining their energy reserves.
  • Practical steps for introverts to maximize their lead generation potential while maintaining their inner peace and energy levels.

By joining this talk, attendees will gain the insights and tactics to tap into their quiet strengths, expand their reach, and grow their email list sustainably, proving that introverts can indeed lead the pack in digital marketing without compromising their energy.

The Quickest Way to 10x Your Lead Generation

The one lead generation strategy that builds credibility for you, over-delivers for your audience, and serves your collaboration partners!

  • How the Summit Success Blueprint can position your virtual summit as the premier lead generation strategy and establish you as a credible figure in your industry.
  • The essential steps to attract and collaborate with top-tier speakers who will not only enhance your summit’s value but also actively promote it.
  • The power of engagement through interactive sessions and how to maintain energy and excitement without the overwhelm.
  • The importance of personalizing your summit’s content and follow-up strategies to convert attendees into leads and create lasting community connections.
  • Techniques to repurpose your summit content into various formats to keep your audience engaged long after the event has concluded.
  • Insights on measuring and analyzing your summit’s performance to continuously refine your approach and scale up for even greater impact.

From this talk, your attendees gain actionable strategies to not only 10x their lead generation but also amplify their online presence and grow their businesses exponentially.

The Summit Advantage

How Hosting Online Events Can Skyrocket Your Success

  • An introduction to the transformative power of online summits, drawing from her own journey and the remarkable success stories she’s witnessed.
  • The multifaceted benefits of hosting online summits for businesses, including enhanced brand visibility, exponential list growth, and a surge in leads and sales.
  • The personal gains for speakers, such as cementing one’s status as a thought leader, expanding networks, and the potential for increased speaking engagements and fees.
  • The creation of lucrative joint venture opportunities through strategic partnerships that can lead to a significant boost in revenue and broader audience reach.
  • An insider’s guide to the nuts and bolts of planning and executing an engaging online summit, highlighting topic selection, speaker lineup, marketing strategies, and the logistics that tie it all together.
  • A unique offering where Jennie will outline how her expertise can help you craft an impactful online summit, complete with examples of her past successes and an invitation to connect for a personalized consultation.
  • A wrap-up that emphasizes the game-changing nature of online summits and a nudge for the audience to embark on their summit-hosting adventure, with a gentle prompt to engage with her services for best-in-class results.

By joining this talk, attendees will walk away equipped with the knowledge and inspiration to leverage online summits as a powerful tool for business growth, networking, and establishing authority in their field.

Ready to inspire and ignite your audience with a talk that combines passion, expertise, and actionable strategies?

If you’re looking for a speaker who will not only captivate your attendees but also drive them to action, then let’s make it happen. I’m here to bring the energy and insights that will elevate your event to the next level.

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