I’m Jennie Wright: Your Expert Guide to Revolutionary List Building and Summit Strategies

Step into the world of targeted strategies and expert guidance to fully harness the power of your online presence

Welcome to the transformative world of list building and summit strategies – essential pillars for your business’s growth. 

I’m Jennie Wright, your guide to list building, lead generation and launches, offering support and insight every step of the way. My goal? To arm you with the tools and strategies that will make you thrive in the digital marketplace.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just beginning, my services are crafted to meet your unique needs. With ‘Summits Made Simple’ courses, I simplify the complexities of creating engaging online summits. For a more direct approach, my summit production services manage all the intricacies, delivering smooth and successful events.

But our journey doesn’t end with the event. I’m here to enhance the impact of your list-building ventures with tailored launch strategies and coaching. Together, we’ll ensure every lead becomes an integral part of your business’s story.

In a world where digital trends constantly evolve, my approach keeps you a step ahead. Let’s not just keep pace; let’s set the pace



List Build Sales Success

In this empowering session, discover the precise strategies my clients use to consistently add 100-1000 high-quality leads to their email lists and repeatedly sell out their offers.

Are you ready to transform your
list-building efforts into real, measurable profits?

 Dive into my exclusive training, ‘Turn Your List Build Efforts Into Pure Profit’. This isn’t just another list-growing tutorial; it’s a 40-minute deep dive into turning your list-building activities, from summits to workshops, into both immediate successes and long-term growth.

Learn how to not only attract leads but nurture them into enduring relationships that consistently drive sales. It’s time to reshape your strategy and achieve the growth you’ve been aiming for. Your path to success begins now.