Bundle Giveaways – Your Low Effort, High Reward List Growth Strategy

Is a Business Bundle the right fit for you?

You’ve probably seen some posts online about “business bundles” or “bundle giveaways” and you might have even bought into a few to score access to the cool templates, courses and other goodies they contain.

Business bundles are pretty much exactly what they sound like, a bundle of business “stuff” that you either buy into or register for free (there are two models and I’ll explain), and they usually contain a whole bunch of products inside.

The biggest bundle I ever saw had over 120 products inside and cost $127 USD.

So what kinds are there and why would you either want to participate in one as a contributor or host your own?

Don’t worry I’m going to break down exactly what a business bundle is, the types of bundles, list out the benefits for your business and generally why these types of list builds are so popular.

Bundle Giveaways – Your Low Effort, High Reward List Growth Strategy

What is a Business Bundle? 

So there’s LOTS of variations of business bundles but here’s the basics. 

All Business Bundles are collaboration events typically with a bunch of entrepreneurs (called contributors) where everyone brings together what would normally be a paid product like a course, program, offer etc and it’s bundled together by the host of the event. Registrants usually pay a low cost to access the bundle OR it’s for free and the host charges a small fee to the contributors. 

The host takes the responsibility of gathering all the contributor offers and they are also responsible for creating the portal (landing page, offer page, confirmation pages etc) or funnel to get registrants and buyers through the doors and to see the contributor offers. 

What’s in it for the host? 

Even though the host has to do all the heavy lifting to build out the bundle, they also reap the lion’s share of the rewards. 

If the bundle has a cost to register, the host is probably keeping at least 60% of that (the contributors might be getting a 40% affiliate commission). The host also gets all the email addresses for all the registrants and can make offers to them later down the road. 

That could be hundreds if not thousands of new leads into their email list. 

If the registration for the bundle is free, but the host charges the contributors a small fee to be part of the bundle, they get those funds right away. (I always tell my clients to re-invest those funds right back into the bundle and use them for paid ads, better graphics, hiring a copywriter etc.)

If there’s a VIP or upgrade offer on the bundle, the host is also getting a portion of those sales (with part of it going to the affiliates).

Hosting a bundle also means the host gets a ton of exposure online, right in front of their ideal clients and they get to meet a slew of entrepreneurs that could turn into lucrative joint ventures later. 

Want to see if hosting your own bundle offer is the right fit for growing your business? Grab a 20 min chat here and we’ll help you figure it out! 

So what’s in it for you? 

Brand Exposure:

By being a contributor you’ll gain exposure to your brand, your offers and services. Bundle registrants will check out your offer but they are also checking YOU and your business out. This is where I’d remind you to make sure your website looks decent and your social is buttoned up and looks good!

Affiliate Sales: 

As a contributor, you’ll be asked to promote the event to your social and your email list. That’s expected and you won’t be able to participate without promoting it. The host almost always provides everything you need to promote, including graphics, copy and always an affiliate tracking link. You’ll use that link on everything you do in relation to the event. 

Just by promoting the bundle to your following, you can earn affiliate dollars when anyone you’ve shared it with clicks on your affiliate link and decides to purchase or upgrade their bundle “ticket”. 

Depending on your audience size, how many people click using your affiliate or purchase, that could translate into a bit of money or hundreds or even thousands of dollars for you. 

Build Your Email List: 

By participating in a Business Bundle, you can add dozens or even hundreds of new niched in leads to your email list in a short period of time for not much work. When someone chooses to access your offer they are also added to your email list! 

Which is why making sure your offer on a bundle is niched in and a good fit so that it makes sense to the registrants to want what you have. But if you do that, then it can be an amazing way to add leads to your email list. 

Backend sales and long term sales: 

You’ve got multiple opportunities to make money from being a contributor in Business Bundles beyond just the affiliate sales and I’d recommend you try to take advantage of them. 

For example, If your bundle offer has a bump offer set up so that before they access your offer they get the opportunity to purchase a cool upgrade… then that’s going to unlock more sales for you!  You’ll also be able to make other offers as you nurture these new leads to your email list. There’s really so many opportunities it makes either hosting or participating a no brainer. 

So where can you find bundles to participate in?

My biggest source for finding bundles that I can apply and participate in are referrals and Facebook groups. 

I have a network of friends that I’ve grown over the years from being in other events, and hosting the podcast, and I often get tagged in posts or to check out websites for bundles. 

I’m also in a few Facebook groups that are really geared towards list building, online speaking and growth hacking. The hosts of these bundles post in the groups looking for quality contributors and I actively look at these groups at least a few times a week and apply to opportunities that make sense. 

What about hosting a bundle? 

YESSSSS. I love being a contributor because it’s pretty easy, I promote, I offer my product(s) and I get leads. But the amount of leads is limited compared to how many leads you get as a host. Bundles take time to plan and resources to create, and you should totally consider this to be part of your overall lead gen strategy. 

If you would like some help in order to see if a Business Bundle is a good strategy for you and how you can start to plan for it, let’s talk. Grab a 20 min chat here and we’ll help you figure it out! 


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