Selling From WithIN your List build – My PSA

You absolutely can sell from within your list build and don’t let anyone say you can’t. Although the main thing sure is to build your list… the wait to convert them to a paying client can feel like agony.

This is where you can use a very simple method that will get you sales from WITHIN your list build. (btw how do I know this? Done over 300 list builds in 8 years)

Step 1: Fill the gaps

  1. VIP upgrades and downsells

2. Free 15 min coaching session for free registrants (a bit of a firehose technique but if you have a huge need, you do what it takes)

3. Gamification – give your time away as a prize to people who identify as hot and ready leads

4. Daily FB lives during your event doing a summary of what happened that day and your own views and teachings

5. Panels and Q&A’s during the event

There’s gaps in your marketing and your list builds. It’s natural and unless you have someone experienced look at it or you do them often… you miss these.

Offer a vip upgrade from your summit or challenge. Make sure that upgrade includes a call with you (which you can use to diagnose their issue and sell your program/product or service).

The VIP upgrade has to make sense and deliver value. Put thought here and then make sure that you provide ample ways for them to upgrade. Do this in your funnel, in your welcome video, in your welcome email, in your posts inside your FB group if that makes sense.

Do it everywhere you can think of. Make sure you’re creating the transfer of credibility to you during your list build. Create and take advantage of every opportunity you can think of to build that relationship. This will go a long way. Here’s some gaps to fill that can convert to sales:

Step 2: Close the loops

Almost everyone neglects their newly built list after their list build. They need a break because that was hard right? Sure – but your new registrants are looking at YOU for support and if you go quiet or they start getting non targeted emails meant for your regular subscribers… it’s going to make them feel like they got out of a nice hot bath into a cold room… brrrrrr.

Keep the connection alive with targeted emails just for the new registrants and feed them what they still need to build that relationship. Then start getting them to accept your invite to book a call and talk about how you can help them further.

Make sure you do an online class or workshop within 2 weeks of the end of your summit or challenge – to keep the momentum going and to help further convert.

I could say a lot more but this should help you if you’re looking for ways to increase your chances of monetization during a list build.

Let me know if this was helpful for you


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