It’s Time to Get a Better Result

Learn from my (past) mistakes so you get a better result. Time to evolve your promo/connection game or suffer the consequences.

Let me blunt (I know you expect that much from me) and share that I get 40-60 emails a day from other marketers pushing their things… and some of it catches my eye and some makes me go “whaaat were they thinking?!”

We’re past the “how to cope during a pandemic” and “here’s how my business is serving you during these difficult times” emails (thank freaking yes! Right?)

What you need to stop doing asap is looking at your following – no matter the size- as anything but a collection of people with a specific problem you can fix.

PEOPLE… with problems. Not a number.

Let me be clear… the bigger you grow online, the more prevalent is this mindset that you’ve “made it” and your list or your following is just that… your list and your following.

Well … your list is Tamika, and James, it’s Patty, Cheryl and Derashay, it’s Wendy and her husband Kevin, and it’s people who struggle every single day with their unique problem that you have a solution to.

You need to know how to speak to them on a deeper level, talk RIGHT TO THEM, not at them…

Do you get what I mean?

Here’s what I do.

I try to make my video and my posts as specific as possible, I try to run my promo’s (paid and organic) like I’m sitting right next to my ideal client hearing their voice in my ears as I do it.

I use permission marketing and prescriptive marketing and a ton of relationship marketing… and I take what I’m already doing and I double down on my efforts to connect.

It’s a technique that has allowed me to grow my business in the past 90 days and help more people. It’s a system that my friend Alyson and I call THRIVE (it’s an acronym and it’s pretty awesome)

It’s a way of promoting that you can seamlessly add to what you’re already doing and get results.

THRIVE is what’s added thousands of dollars to my own business and for clients. It’s a system that once you learn it – you can plug it into your business and keep using over and over and get better and better results.

I’m going to explain it on a training with my friend Alyson Lex next week (at the time this is written) and you can go check it out on our newly founded website . Depending on when you go visit that site – you’ll see that we’re going to also be creating a podcast there and some other resources as well. I hope you’ll check it out and learn more about how to deeply connect to your ideal client on a deeper level.



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