List management: 5 best practices to maintaining a profitable list

There’s a purpose behind your list-building efforts. Whether it’s gaining an engaged audience, attracting clients, increasing sales, or marketing your next summit, I hope there’s a purpose behind your list. If there is, are you doing your list management right?

Here are five tips to make sure the plans you have for your list are successful.

They come first

Put yourself in your prospective client’s shoes. How would you want a service provider to connect with you? What dynamic or what feeling does a business need to invoke in you before you decide to give them attention?

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking what is convenient for us is convenient for the client. 

Is it easier, cheaper, and more time-effective to create a PDF? I’ve got news for you. PDFs might not be what works for potential clients, even if it is perfect for you. Maybe your ideal client prefers videos, summits, or something else.

You can’t do what makes it simple or easy for you, because it’s not about you. You have to approach it from what clients need because it’s all about them.

If you don’t know what your ideal clients prefer, it’s time to survey your list.

Collect data from social media and any other spaces your clients are to be found. Monitor how your competition is reaching people.

Giving clients what they want is not only good list management. It’s common business sense.

Client journey

Consider where your ideal client is in their journey at this particular moment, and how your content is impacting them.

A person who is about to purchase your services requires different content from someone having second thoughts. That’s why you need to understand where exactly the client is in their journey.

You need to ask yourself:

  • Is it the right thing? 
  • Is it the right time? 
  • Is it in the most suitable format? 

If your ideal client loves reading long-form blog posts, then make sure that’s what they get. If your ideal client needs to hear that there’s a solution and that you can lay it out in four steps, do that.

In short, we are back at the first point. List management is all about what customers need.

Connect with your list

How are you connecting with your ideal clients? 

You’ve gone to all the work of capturing their attention. You’ve even customized an offer suited to their specific situation.

What then? Once they’re on your radar, how are you connecting with them? 

What are you doing? Are you showing up? Are you doing it consistently? Are you doing the right things? 

Do people receive emails from you on a regular basis, or do you only approach them when you have something new to sell?

Are you making money?

One would think this goes without saying. But I’ve seen enough to know it needs to be said.

Are you giving people a way of spending money with you?

Are you talking about your business enough? Does your content contain a link that allows people to book a call with you? Is that sales page even landing in front of the right people?

You’ll be shocked to know how many seasoned entrepreneurs are ignoring these basics. It’s possible they’re too scared, lack confidence, or they simply don’t know.

Posting on social media and getting all the likes is great. Steadily growing your list is amazing.

But if you don’t tell people to spend their money on you, they won’t do it.

Mend leaky loopholes

Finding you, subscribing to your mailing list, and purchasing from you is a long process. There are so many loopholes in this process, and a lot of people drop off before they make a purchase.

Most of these leaks occur somewhere in your list management.

There are just as many loopholes in my business as there are in yours.

It’s time to audit. Look at how people become part of your list and what happens after that. Where exactly do they abruptly end their journey?

Is it after subscribing to your list? Is it when they go to your purchase page? Or is it when they visit your website?

Are you offering a free call? Are you using gamification to offer a coaching certificate with you that people can use in the next calendar year? Are you creating opportunities So that they don’t go anywhere else, and stay with you?

Nowadays, most social media and internet platforms have a stats section. Your Google analytics, Vimeo stats, and numbers from your various platforms will provide you with useable information.

Use this to find your loopholes and close them.

Read this for more information on preventing those leaks.

List management: key takeaways

Our lists are instrumental for marketing purposes. List management techniques include:

  • Put customers first.
  • Consider the client’s journey.
  • Connect with your list.
  • Make customers spend.
  • Close the loopholes.

I’ve been organizing summits and helping businesses build and convert lists for more than eight years. Book a free call with me to discuss your business.


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