My marketing tech stack: an overview of my daily tools and resources

Every professional has a set of tools they use in their business. I’m no different. As a marketing professional, I have what I call my marketing tech stack.

This list is somewhat lengthy because I don’t believe in all-in-one solutions. So there’s nearly a separate piece of software I use for each task. I’ll get into why I prefer separate technologies for different jobs in a second.

Some links in this article may be affiliate links. I’ve personally used every single product linked to.

What’s a Marketing Tech Stack Anyway?

Tech stacks are various platforms that help you run your business’s operations.

There are single-purpose tech stacks that will just have a page builder, email marketing, CRM, etc. Then there are all-in-one solutions that combine different features.

I’m not a fan of all-in-one stacks.

I find most of them have multiple features, but none of the features are at expert level. There’s always something lacking. One or more of the many features is always mediocre at best.

You’ll usually find me using niche platforms that only focus on one thing. I then combine this with other technologies to form my tech stack.

This is because multipurpose applications are usually only expert at one thing. Other features on the program will either be mediocre or in beta version.

There’s absolutely no way I’m paying for beta software. There will almost always be bugs in the system without exception. On top of that, you might have to wait for months while they fix problems or roll out new features.

I’m not really a fan of waiting for however long it takes to release a new feature, just for the satisfaction of bragging that I was the first to use the program.

I did that with WebinarJam, and it’s still something I regret to this day. After that experience, I decided to only stick with established stacks.

A page builder is software that assists you in creating landing pages that convert.

Page Builder

The page builder is probably one of the most important parts of my marketing tech stack.

I cover it more than I do other platforms. It helps me create sales pages, webinar pages, landing pages, course pages, and more things that help me convert leads and make money.

My preferred page builder is Click Funnels. It’s arguably one of the best of its kind on the market.

Email Marketing Service

An email marketing service is a platform that allows you to message customers and people subscribed to your list. It’s great for handling emails sent to many people at the same time.

So this is obviously another piece of tech I can’t live without. I currently use Active Campaign. It has everything I need, and nothing that I don’t need.

One of the reasons I like Active Campaign is it has just what I need. It doesn’t have the shiny bells and whistles of a platform like Infusionsoft, which I’ll never use. On the other hand, it has more features compared to basic programs like Mailchimp.


An API (application programming interface) is a piece of software that connects two different applications.

Zapier is currently my favorite API on the market.

Calendar Service

My calendar service helps me stay on top of my schedule and tasks to be done.

I’m a huge proponent of Calendly.

Before that, I used CETA. Back then, Calendly wasn’t as advanced as it is today.

Recording Software

When it comes to recording podcasts and making calls, Zoom is simply the best. Thanks to Zoom, I haven’t used Skype in years.

Truth be told, I’m glad we no longer have to rely on Skype. I always found the sudden call dropping inconvenient.


CRM or customer relationship management systems, are platforms that help businesses manage relationships with clients.

Most of my clients use Asana, ClickUp, or Basecamp. Of the three, I prefer Asana.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another one I’m not sure I could survive without. I use it to organize my business, communicate with clients, and store everything that needs to be stored.

Google Drive’s biggest competitor is probably Dropbox. I eventually stopped using Dropbox because of how it’s not ideal for collaboration.

Transcription Software

Transcription tools automatically convert the spoken word to text. Thanks to advances in technology, transcripts are now more accurate than they were in previous times.  is one of the best transcription tools around. I use it to transcribe my videos and podcasts.

Other Tools

There are probably a bunch of tools I’ve left out. The above ones are what I consider to be the most important for running my business.

Other parts of my marketing tech stack include:

  • Captivate for hosting my podcast with Alyson Lex.
  • WordPress.

What Does Your Own Marketing Tech Stack Look Like?

Those are the tools that form my marketing tech stack.

I want you to audit your own tech stack every quarter. Make sure it only has things that you actually need. If there are tools that you don’t need, get rid of them.

For the ones you need, make sure you get a good price. Many people don’t know this, but you can usually get a good discount when you pay your entire one-year subscription in advance. You can get as much as two to three months free.

I’ve managed to get better prices than what’s on the website when I reach out directly to vendors.

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