How to snag last-minute subscribers in the week leading up to your event

It’s finally happening. Your event is only a week away. Congrats. If you’re wondering if you can still snag some last-minute subscribers, the answer is yes.

I know you’ve probably been promoting for the last few weeks. It’s now time to up your game and go all out. Here’s how.

Social pages

Start by updating your social media bios and cover pages to show your event. Make sure it’s bright, colorful, and captures people’s attention.

If you’ve already changed it a couple of weeks before for your first weeks of promo, make the same banner, but change up the colors so that you can post it again.

The link to register for your event should be on all your socials. Don’t give last-minute subscribers an excuse to go looking for a link and give up on you when they can’t find it.

I also advise you to consider doing a daily Instagram reel. If you just rolled your eyes, don’t worry, I get it.

Reels are mostly for entertainment purposes. People love them because they’re lighthearted and interesting. That doesn’t mean people don’t use them to talk about business in an interesting way.

So don’t be quick to dismiss Instagram reels.


I also want you to think about using carousel images. This is when you put up more than one image in a post.

Use that to tell a story. Go beyond yapping at people to join some event or other.

Tell them about the event. Give them a teaser on what’ll be covered. For instance, your images can demonstrate the five steps of doing something that will be covered at your event.

If I were to organize a summit, I would do a five-image carousel that talks about generating leads, engaging leads, and monetizing leads. My images would also highlight the fact that 26 experts will be at my event.

The last image on my carousel will be how to register.

Go live on social media

Live events on social media are not an option when you’re planning a summit or webinar. They’re a must.

If you’re hosting something that has experts, ask them to join you on Facebook Live.

If you’re able to do two Facebook Lives a day, do it. Get as many people as possible with you on the feed.

I know not everyone’s comfortable doing live events. That’s why I recommend you do it with a friend. Maybe they can sort of interview you while you talk about yourself and the upcoming event.

Mailing list

An email list is one of the most powerful tools of connecting with people at your disposal. Don’t ignore it. There’s no better place to find last-minute subscribers than a list of people who already know and trust you.

Send out daily emails, reminding people to register for the event. If you can’t do it everyday, make sure those emails regularly go out.

Don’t stop sending emails until the last five minutes before the event. Believe me, it’s possible to get dozens if not hundreds of last-minute subscribers in the 24 hours leading up to an event.

Here’s a quick guide I wrote on getting more subscribers in the last 18 to 24 hours before you launch.

Create the hype

Create graphics that show the count down to your launch.

Go on social media and create hype posts and videos where you show you’re excited it’s finally happening.

Also, talk about your process. Post things like, “Just finished creating the slides for the webinar. About to have the final meeting with the experts.”

You’re showing people what’s happening behind the scenes, and folks love that. It also creates that feeling of urgency as the date draws nearer.

Get last minute subscribers and boost your event numbers

Summits, webinars, and many events can help you expand your influence. More importantly, it does wonders for your list-building efforts.

There’s no specific date or time to stop registering people to your event. You can keep on getting last-minute subscribers, right up to the last five minutes before your event.

I’ve organized over 270 summits. If you’re feeling stuck or you want an experienced team to put together your event, book a free call with me today.


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