The Newbs Throw Spaghetti

Sitting on my balcony working on a few funnel proposals for clients… I seriously believe that the way we do online marketing is going to shift. It has to.

I see it like this:

1. The newbs throw spaghetti I threw so much spaghetti in the first 18 months of running this business that I look back and laugh. LOOK AT ME, SIGN UP FOR MY THING, BUY MY THING, PLS BUY MORE OF MY THINGS…. 🤮.

I seriously look back cringing but I’m also owning my newbie status. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and I listened to everyone. EVERYONE. (Can you relate?)

2. The plebs get brash

We are all plebs at some point, ordinary people trying to make it in the vast online world. We see a bit of success and we think we’re queen of our thing. And we do more and more thinking the results are more and more. I did this, and it was good for a time… but then the messages gets a bit wobbly and changes from the original fired up, pumped up message that we first started with and then business starts to cool off.

It sucks.

3. The smart ones get humble This was me about 4 years ago, I saw the bottom falling out of my little niche before it happened, I had listened to the wrong big guru chick, drank the kool aid thinking this was it for me, and then got a rude awakening after spending thousands to go to a conference and finding myself crying my eyes out in a hotel bathroom. I knew I had to re-invent, go back to what really got me excited and get super humble with myself and who I worked with and stick to my true purpose and disregard the rest of it, even if was pretty and shiny.

I found I trusted only a few people who I knew to be brilliant and super down to earth, humble too, and that was what flipped it.

4. The humble grow strong

My entire approach to marketing changed after feeling the blow back of my own hubris. I recovered pretty quick, others I knew didn’t. Some tried to pivot and some stuck it out even though they knew how they do things isn’t authentic to themselves.

I got stronger and continue to stay humble. I have to remind myself of flow and that I’m part of it. I market (I hope) accordingly.

Online marketing is different depending on where you are at in the food chain of not only how “big” you are but also your skill level and your experiences. Getting clear and real is a must.

The quicker you can get to being humble and strong, the better. If you can skip through the bs I experienced and get right to the good stuff ….. even better.

Which of these 4 levels have you gone through? Willing to share with me?





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