Convert More Leads with 4 Easy Steps

You’ve finally reached that stage where you no longer struggle to subscribe people to your list. Congrats. My next question is, are you managing to convert leads from your list into actual sales?

If the answer is no, it means your business is leaking leads. Here’re four reasons why that’s happening.

You’re not closing the loop

Close the loops, fill the gaps. That’s one of my favorite phrases. It’s also a golden principle if you want to convert leads.

The process that starts with someone coming across your business and finally making a purchase is a loop. Your job is to make sure customers get from one end of the loop to the other without falling out. 

Think about your lead magnet for a second. Does it just include a checklist or pdf you promised the subscriber? How about throwing in a video or something extra to give the recipient more value? 

Are your emails generic, or do you provide value by segmenting messages? After all, your clients don’t all have the same problem. When you send everyone the same messages, you risk many people falling out of the loop because they don’t see the value.

Alyson and I covered email lists and segmentation in the podcast episode: How to Begin Segmenting your Email List.

The key here is always to provide value. This will put you in front of the customer’s mind, and that’s what tightens a closed loop. A client needs to keep on thinking and benefiting from you.

You’re not multi-purposing your content

Don’t create anything in your business unless it has more than one purpose. That’s a direct order.

I don’t want you to create a podcast unless you’re going to repurpose it as blog posts or social media content. I don’t want to see another Facebook Live from you unless you can transcribe it into an informational email.

Are you doing a summit? Unless you’re going to repurpose it as an e-book, a product or even a bunch of podcast episodes, you’re wasting your time.

The reason is quite simple. When you’re reaching people through podcasts, those who prefer blog posts are being left behind. If you’re only focusing on summits, people who didn’t have the time to attend are being excluded from your loop.

That’s why you need to make sure every piece of content you create has the widest reach across multiple channels. This will help you reach and convert leads at higher rates.

Not following up

Marketer: “Hey, enter your name and email to receive ten tips on XYZ.”

Subscriber: “Sure thing.”

Marketer: “There you go. Download your guide from so and so website.”

And that’s it. That’s where many people end the process.

My question is always what then? Do you honestly expect the subscriber to go, “oh my goodness, you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Here is my credit card. Pretty please charge it every month end, Genius!”

That’s never going to happen. 

You need to follow that up with more useful resources. Send offers you think the person might be interested in.

I already mentioned you should be at the center of the client’s mind. When they want something, it should be in the resources you’re sending. Your name should be the first thing that comes to mind when they are faced with a problem they know you can solve.

There are a lot of people in the same business as you. They’re constantly sending clients information. You don’t want your leads leaking straight from your loop into your competition’s funnel.

You’re not repeating yourself enough

People are busy. We all have full plates.

I might see an invitation to attend a summit and think, “I should probably go.” Because I’m busy, I’ll promptly forget about it when something else comes up.

I’ve received notifications reminding me a webinar starts in an hour. When I look down at my phone again, I’ll see the webinar is done, and the host is asking me to fill in a survey detailing my experience at the event.

The problem here is you’re not repeating yourself enough. Remember what we said about being at the front of people’s minds?

You can achieve that by repeating yourself. Send multiple emails in the weeks leading up to the event. I always advise my clients to send up to six emails in the 24 hours leading up to an event.

Even when it comes to your content, repeat yourself.

Alyson and I have done over 90 episodes of The System to Thrive Podcast. Yet we repeat ourselves. There are multiple episodes that cover similar themes.

That’s because most people are not going to download all 90 episodes. Rather, they’ll only grab those that speak to them.

It’s the same thing with your content. People are not going to scroll all the way back to a blog post you wrote in 2011.

So make sure you repeat yourself in different forms and versions.

It’s time to convert leads and stop leaking them instead

Your business is leaking leads, so is mine. I’m always filling gaps. 

I know it sounds like a daunting task. I recommend you start with something simple. 

Are you neglecting your email list? Start there. Do you have a bunch of interviews on your channel? Turn them into blog posts and e-books.
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