How to Fill up Your Calendar with [Quality] Leads (EP 009)

Hey! Welcome to Episode #9 – How to Fill up Your Calendar with [Quality] Leads.

And yes, the word “quality” is in brackets for a reason. I can show you how to get leads to fill up your calendar full stop but if they aren’t good quality leads… how is that helping you?

Here’s what I know:

👋 You want quality leads coming into your funnels, your pipelines, filling up your calendar. If you are selling a premium product, coaching or a service, you likely need to get people on the phone to sell it 💰

👋You want to reduce or completely avoid the “tire kickers” who just want your free help but will NEVER buy from you (been there!)

👋Finding these quality leads feels like so much hard work and effort, and honestly… you have better things you’d rather be doing.

Today’s training is where I break down how to get quality leads on your calendar, AND I break down the anatomy of a NO PITCH CALL (these calls will actually increase your sales I promise!).

I also share what a “Ready Now” call is and how to get those too. So let’s get started on how you can get dozens of quality leads booked into your calendar now.

Thanks for watching and see you soon







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