EP 010 Summits 2.0 The Better Way to Build Your List

I’m going to say something that might sound like I’m shooting myself in the foot…The biggest problem with summits is they haven’t evolved at all and it shows….

It’s sooo bad and I’m going to be honest…

If you’ve done a summit in the past few years and someone told you to: 

👉get 21 experts and release 21 interviews over 21 days
🤮…or don’t worry… you can figure out what you’re offering later, 
🤦or you can only have experts with a 5k list on your summit

You’ve been shown the nasty old summit style that totally deserves to be left back in 2010.

There, I said it and it’s the truth!

Just like how all the platforms we use now are totally different than they were in 2010… and our phones now have more computing power than a whole warehouse of computers did back in the early 2000’s…. the way you build your list HAS EVOLVED. 

I would know, I’ve done over 240 summits for clients and a bunch for my own business. (Not to be patting myself on the back! Only to share that I know a thing or two about this space)

Summits 2.0 is here now – in today’s training, I share the inevitable death of the old way and the development of a way that gets amazing results for just about everyone who tries it.

Thanks for watching this episode of List Build & Lead

Hugs xx

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