Rock Your Online Summit: How to Leverage Sponsorships for Maximum Exposure

If you want to take your first or next summit into being a profitable event BEFORE it even launches (or you’ve booked a single speaker…) then listen up. 

When I worked in corporate, I used to be in charge of running the annual charity golf tournament. 144 executives, all wanting to rub elbows with each other and paying top dollar to do it. And even more, I had a huge goal to get as much sponsorship money as I could to help offset the costs of the event AND add to what was donated to charity. 

All told, in my last year running that tournament, I raised $244,000 in sponsorships and revenue for charity. If that tournament had been for profit and not charity, we would have cleaned up and made a hefty sum, even after expenses. How? Asking the right people and companies to invest their money in order to get exposure to a captive audience. 

It’s the same for your summit. You have a captive audience of hundreds, if not thousands of possible registrants, and people want exposure to that. 

It’s NOT hard to get sponsorships, you just need to think of the right people to ask and the right sponsorship offer to give them. 

Believe me when I say that sponsorships are like icing on the summit cake, adding that extra oomph to your event and taking it to the next level! They put dollars in your pocket before the summit starts – money you can use to uplevel your graphics, hire a copywriter, or use on paid ads! 

But here’s the secret sauce: it’s not just about getting sponsors; it’s about giving them irresistible exposure that makes them jump at the chance to partner with you. So buckle up, as I spill the beans on how to rock your sponsorships and make your summit shine like never before!

Why Sponsors Are the Bee’s Knees

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s take a moment to appreciate the true value sponsors bring to your summit. Besides the extra dough they might contribute, sponsors add a whole new dimension of credibility and authority to your event. When potential attendees see well-known and respected companies partnering with you, they’re more likely to trust and invest in your summit.

Sponsors also open doors to new audiences. You know how every business has that tribe of fans who adore them? Well, guess what? When you collaborate with a sponsor, their fan base becomes yours, and that’s a recipe for more registrations and potential customers for your business.

Now, let’s unleash the magic of exposure and learn how to give your sponsors an offer they can’t refuse!

  • Shout It from the Digital Rooftops

When sponsors decide to partner with you, they’re hoping for one thing—exposure. And guess what? It’s your job to give it to them! Make sure you feature your sponsors prominently on all your summit-related materials, starting from your website to your social media platforms.

Create eye-catching sponsor banners that stand out and grab attention. Showcase them on your summit landing page, registration pages, and even on your email newsletters. The key is to ensure your attendees and potential attendees see your sponsors at every turn.

  • Let Your Content Do the Talking

The heart of your summit lies in the valuable content you deliver to your attendees. And it’s also a golden opportunity to shine the spotlight on your sponsors! Make sure to mention and thank your sponsors in your welcome messages and opening remarks. You could even have a special segment dedicated to introducing your sponsors before a session begins.

Don’t forget about your sessions and interviews—encourage your speakers to acknowledge your sponsors and thank them for their support. It not only shows appreciation but also strengthens the partnership between you and your sponsors.

  • Show Some Love on Social

Ah, social media—our trusty sidekick in the world of online marketing. Leverage the power of social platforms to give your sponsors extra love and exposure. Create sponsor-specific posts, graphics, and videos, and share them across all your social channels.

Encourage your speakers and attendees to tag your sponsors when sharing their excitement about the summit. This way, you create a ripple effect, reaching new audiences and showcasing your sponsors to a broader community.

  • Bring the Virtual Swag Bag

Summits often have virtual swag bags filled with goodies for attendees. Why not add a special section to highlight your sponsors’ offers and deals? Your attendees will appreciate the exclusive perks and discounts, and your sponsors will love the additional exposure and potential new customers.

  • Showcase Sponsors on your Live Sessions

Regardless if you have pre-recorded interviews, live interviews or a mixture of both, you’ll have ways of showcasing your sponsors. During those short breaks between sessions, keep the momentum going with sponsor highlights. Create fun and engaging slides or videos that showcase your sponsors’ logos and offerings. 

It’s a clever way to keep your audience entertained while giving sponsors a well-deserved spotlight.

If you have live speaker panels (which I highly recommend), make sure to mention your sponsors at the beginning and the end!

Let’s Rock Your Summit with Sponsorships!

Now that you have the tools to make your sponsors swoon with delight, it’s time to put your plan into action! But hey, you don’t have to tackle this alone—I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Let’s hop on a call and explore how we can leverage sponsorships to take your online summit to soaring heights. Don’t wait another moment, book a call with me now and let’s rock your summit with exposure, credibility, and a whole lot of fun!

So there you have it, my summit rockstars! Unleash the power of sponsorships and make your next online summit an unforgettable success. Happy summiting!


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