3 Simple Ways to Make Sure Your Online Summit is Successful

It’s exciting that you’re thinking of (or committed to) hosting an online summit. 

A summit is a great way to grow your email list and your expert status. In 3 easy steps, I’ll show you how to make sure it’s successful.

There’s so many ways this event can (and will) transform your business and your own expertise. From increased revenue, a pipeline of niched in leads, global exposure and expert status to industry connections…. An online summit is a transformation event. 

But how do you make sure it’s actually successful? 

You’re putting in the work and effort to create an exceptional event, so it’s vital that it’s successful and that you benefit from all the work you’re putting into it. 

And you’ll want to run more than one summit because they get easier and more profitable each time you do them, so let’s make it as successful as we can!

Let’s go over the 3 important steps to make sure your summit is as awesome as can be. 

Step 1: Get clear on what success means for your online summit

If you don’t have a clear idea on what success means from a summit, you can’t set any goals or make any benchmarks for the success you want to create. 

You don’t have to create a 30 page business plan though, just a rough idea of what you would define as success from your summit. Also this is ultra-personal and specific to each person so my success goals would be different than yours or someone who’s done 5 summits vs. no summits. 

Success for your first summit could be that you add 500 new leads to your email list, that the event runs smoothly and you convert 5% of your registrants to AAP (all access pass or VIP buyers). 

Success for your 3rd summit could be that you have 5 sponsors locked in at $2,500 each giving you $12,500 in sponsor revenue for ad spend, you add 3,500 new leads to your list and you generate 350 APP/VIP sales for over $33,000 in sales revenue. 

Being clear on your ideas of success and your goals means you’ll be able to plan a summit that fulfills on those ideas and will make you happier in the long run. 

Step 2: Be a planner

I’m confident that even if you’re not techy or a planner that you can pull off a successful summit. (And if you need some techy help, check out this resource)

However the better you plan your summit, the better the outcome, so let’s talk about that a bit in this step. 

Planning a successful summit can be as simple as making sure you have enough time to find great speakers and interview them, hire someone to build out the summit funnel and everything that goes with it and to get a designer to make you graphics for promotion etc. 

Planning also means knowing what you’re building the summit for – what is the end goal – the offer you want people to buy after the summit is over. This is key to having a successful summit and you want to make sure you’re clear on this one thing. 

Which leads us to our final step…

Step 3: Have an offer (and a plan to sell it)

Super successful summits always have an exceptional offer during the summit like your AAP or VIP offer AND they have a post summit offer which is really where the money is made. 

Your post summit offer is the big reason for running a summit. We’re attracting high quality leads to the summit so we can use the weeks and months after a summit to convert them into buyers. 

Spend the time making your AAP truly a no brainer with what’s in it and the price. Don’t allow yourself to go for the money grab here, the goal is opening up wallets to an irresistible offer. 

It’s also vital that your post summit offer lines up with what the summit was about so that your new leads aren’t shocked when you eventually do make that offer to them. 

Your post summit plan can look pretty different depending on your niche but I always recommend that you create connection and sales style opportunities right after the summit. 

This can be an online challenge, a series of webinars, Q&A’s, lives and other types of connection and sales style events. Also don’t forget sales emails which will support the webinars and challenge. 

Remember, running a successful summit is NOT just about the AAP sales. It’s about building a list of leads that you can nurture and build a relationship with over the long-term, because this is what allows you to leverage your summit to grow your revenue exponentially. 

For more support with creating a summit, you can access more help with my free training “Generate a List of Buyers with Your Next Virtual Summit in 6 Easy Steps” here. 

You can also book a free call with me and we can talk about how to turn your idea for a summit into reality!

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