Stressful Launches Are Affecting You And Those Around You

I’ve realized the final couple of weeks leading up to a summit are not easy for me. And when I’m faced with stressful launches, it affects me and everyone in my vicinity.

Sometimes it goes overboard because I worry that things won’t work out, people won’t attend, my experts won’t promote, and on and on it goes.

It’s basically a rabbit hole of worrying I sink into. It disrupts my sleep, my exercise routine, as well as my ability to concentrate. It also has an impact on my relationships, because I can become irritable.

I don’t want to be any of those things in business. Organizing multiple events every year is the order of the day for me. Losing myself because of stressful launches is not really ideal.


I once had a constructive conversation with my partner where he pointed out how I get before every launch. We spoke about mindset. We agreed the way in which we perceive problems plays a part in how we react to stress.

After that, I decided to change how I look at things. I want you to do the same.

Winding yourself up doesn’t solve anything. On the contrary, it creates more problems. You easily lose your focus, and start ignoring critical things that are staring you directly in the face.

I’m not a mindset expert. I can’t tell you how to get there. All I can do is tell you I want you to get there, and how I did it.

I started making lists to help me streamline tasks. I also delegated things that could be delegated.

Is my system perfect? No, it isn’t. Does it work? Yes, it does. More importantly, it allows me to organize launches without pulling out my hair or snapping at people around me.

So look at your mindset when it comes to dealing with stressful launches.

Stressing clients

I’ve done hundreds of events by this point. I’ve worked with many clients.

I can tell you right now the clients you think are the sweetest can turn into little monsters when things go wrong.

Naturally, this doesn’t happen with most clients. But it does happen with some, and it can make things unbearably intense.

I’ve had clients come up to me and say really inappropriate things. Some have sent nasty emails and gone to town on social media.

The thing is, none of it is ever about me. It’s always about them and their reaction to stress.

Time and planning

This is not exactly new. Business gurus have been saying it for decades, maybe even centuries. Always give yourself enough time to plan things.

I always advise my clients to start planning 120 days before launching an event. If the time period overlaps with holidays like Christmas, throw in an extra three to four weeks.

Planning far ahead will also help you attend to other tasks in your business. The last thing you want to do is neglect your customers because you’re running around planning a summit.

When you start at least four months in advance, you’re able to only spend a few hours a week on the summit, and then dedicate the rest of the time to your clients.

I cannot say this enough, but give yourself time. It’s good for your well-being and for the people around you. With less stress, you can actually enjoy the process of planning and connecting with experts.


Stressful launches are not fun to deal with. They can have a negative impact on your health and on people around you. However, consequences can be avoided by having the right mindset, planning ahead, and good time management.

I’ve organized nearly 300 summits. If your stressful launches are getting out of hand, or you simply prefer having an expert in your corner from day one, book a free call with me today. 


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