Business templates I use to streamline repetitive tasks

There’ll always be repetitive tasks in your business. Whether it’s onboarding emails to new clients, messages welcoming people to webinars, or podcast pitches, you’re taking up too much valuable time doing it. You need business templates.

Templates will allow you to complete repetitive tasks in no time. They also reduce the margin of error if you’re working with an already existing framework.

Here’re some business templates I’m always using.

Folder templates

I create a specific list of folders and subfolders every time I’m boarding clients for a summit. This helps me organize and keep track of things. Whenever I need something, I can easily find it without sweating much.

I’ve realized the folder structure almost always remains the same. So what I did was create a folder and subfolders in Google Drive.

That’s my template for summit clients. I simply copy and paste the entire folder structure whenever I’m working with a new client.

Email templates

If you have to constantly send out individual emails, such as confirmation and welcome messages, it can become time consuming.

The best thing to do is to create template emails. Save them in a templates folder.

Whenever you need them, simply copy, paste, and tweak in order to customize them.

I’ve successfully done this with podcast pitch emails and sales calls.

Alyson and I effectively use our sales call templates. We just copy it, change up some details like the person’s name, the date on which the call took place, and a couple of significant other details.

Proposal templates

I sometimes use a software called Better Proposals to share proposals with my clients.

The proposals are made up of a few pages which include:

  • What the project is about.
  • What I need to do.
  • What the client needs to do.
  • Client investment in the project.
  • Any and all terms and conditions.

Drawing up such a proposal would take up too much time if I drafted every single one from scratch. With a template, however, I can simply make a few custom changes, and send it off.

I can usually draft and send out four proposals in an hour’s time if I’m using templates.

Templates for employees and contractors

You’ll find templates become more important as your business grows.

Let’s imagine you’re growing your team and you have new people working with you. You could always tell them what you need to be done, wait and hope for the best.

When they’re done, you’ll probably engage in an intensive back and forth as you try to show them the ropes. Chances are you really don’t have that kind of time.

With templates, you can simply show them what needs to be done, and they can follow the template. This will save everyone more time.

Other business templates

There’re dozens of templates out there. In fact, you can create templates for most tasks in your business. Some that I use on a regular basis include:

  • Funnel templates.
  • Give away templates.
  • Panel templates.
  • Podcast show notes template.
  • Trello board templates for some of our author clients.

Business templates – a business owner’s best friend

Don’t get me wrong. Templates are not a walk in the park. They take time and attention to detail to create. You might have to go back and revise them a couple of times.

But once you have those business templates in hand, things become easier. You can save so much time, and reach a lot of people in a short amount of time.

I’ve helped several clients build their lists, organize summits, and convert leads. If you need help with your business, book a free call with me today.


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