How online speaking quickly helps you grow your business

Online speaking – the #1 thing I’m on everyone’s case about these days. Why? Because it’s one of those “small output, big return” things you can do in your business that is a game changer.

Let’s start off with a real, honest truth: Getting online speaking gigs SOUNDS easy, but getting the right kind of gigs is actually a lot harder than most people think.

Sure, you can snag the just-getting-started list builds or a spot on a brand-new podcast, but if you want the speaking opportunities that are really going to get you noticed by big players and lots of potential clients… you need to get in the right places.

And there is a lot of competition out there. It feels like there are more experts every single day, showing up and vying for the same opportunities that you want.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

I’ve seen it firsthand. In my time organizing list builds, webinars and podcasts for my clients, I’ve seen speakers struggle to make themselves stand out in a huge crowd.

And the worst thing is – sometimes the best presented speakers just don’t have the knowledge that you do!

Face it: if you’re not putting yourself out there the right way then you’re doing your audience a major disservice because you’re not getting your essential message into their ready and waiting hands.

And when that happens, you’re letting yourself and your potential clients down. You have a duty as a holder of the information that’s in your brain to share that with the world – that’s how we as humans grow and evolve!

But I have a huge beef with online speaking, and this comes from a total love of what I do but a huge NOPE for what I see happening WAYYYY too often these days.

I mean after managing about 150 summits, over 90 webinars and a slew of podcasts, plus having worked with around 1700 speakers, I know what it takes to be a great online speaker!

There’s a growing group of online speakers who have zero clue how to be an effective speaker, who don’t follow through, who don’t promote and who don’t take advantage of the full extent of the opportunity in front of them.

But then again. you don’t know what you don’t know right?

You have a couple of options:

Your first option:
You can wing it – figure out what makes a great speaker on your own by making and learning from your mistakes. You’ll get the hang of it eventually and that’s cool. Everyone learns somehow right? You’re hoping that you’ll pick it up quick and then you’re off to the races.

Your second option:
You can watch what other online speakers are doing, watch tons of videos, and try to crack the nut that is effective guest speaking and hope for the best.

Your third option really is the best option out there for you if you’re looking to get attention the right way and from the right people to grow your list and increase your influence through speaking.

I got really tired of seeing great entrepreneurs have a tough time becoming amazing online speakers that I went ahead and create a thing – the thing to help. It’s called the Guest Speaker Advantage online course and it’s a game changer.

I did my research before creating this course and not only did I find a huge gap where no one was teaching the inside info I know and use every day with our clients, but I created it in such a way that you can get through the material in an afternoon and be off to the races to find, book and be ready for amazing online speaking opportunities.

In a nutshell, I’ve put together “to the point lessons” on how to become an effective guest speaker for gigs like summits, podcasts and webinars, as well as how you can use those skills to get on future events (stage speaking anyone?)

We’re just launching this course and I’m super excited. so for a limited time we’re offering it for half price! Yay! You win 😍.

Click here to get the Guest Speaker Advantage for only $30 bucks, which is going to go up soon.  I want to spread the word and get as many speakers into this as possible so you can get some speaking SKILLS!

This is how you’re going to make the impression you want to make.

Here’s how the Guest Speaker Advantage helps:

  • It’s 9 to the point lectures designed to deliver clear instruction on how to improve your online speaking
  • The entire course is just over an hour, so that you can watch, learn and then dive right into applying these golden nuggets of information
  • You’ll also get 4 custom swipe files that we use with our high end speaking clients to help you find, get booked and be part of online speaking events
  • You will have lifetime access to all materials and when (because I totally will be) I add additional content and trainings, you will of course get them as part of your initial purchase. Yay! Free updates!

9 trainings, 13 downloads to use and keep and over an hour of instruction from me on how to be a great guest speaker.

This is your opportunity to get ahead of the throngs of other wanna be speakers. Get this training now and get speaking now.  Click here to get started!


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